Rabu, 03 Mei 2017

female orgasm

- so i'm gonna start byshowing you what it looks like for a man to orgasm. so this simple littlepipe cleaner, you know, and there's the dick. (blowing)

female orgasm, a woman's orgasm is crazy. ("sinfonia concertante" bywarner/chappell production music) - well, we all know why awoman's orgasm is a bigger deal,

it goes on longer. - you know, what their head tilt back, and their eyes are rollingin the back of their head. - it's like el dorado. it's a mystery as old as the sphinx. - we got some butterflies. - she is happy as (beep) - and then her eyes are probably like.

kinda like up here, butdefinitely pointing up. - a woman's orgasm is a long road trip and a man's orgasm is a trip to a motel. - transcendence, maybe even areligious experience, right? for men, we don't really get that. kind of a one and done,let's go get lunch. - and then she is down there, and it's going like. (splatter sounds)

it's going crazy. - stars and things. a woman's orgasm is 2001 space odyssey. - this is act one, two,and we'll do act three. there's a kind of a risingand falling action, right, and then you get hereand it's like it spikes. like she's gonna have aheart attack or something. - a woman's orgasm is god. goddess, let's say.

- i think she's thinking about shopping. here's melrose avenue and there's a store. buying (beep) here. - a vast metaphysical experience. - feather dance. you know, real light, real ticklish. it's like being on e! that's how a woman feels every time. - i'm jealous.

- i wanna learn from women. - there's so many thingthat you can't understand. female orgasm, one of them. is the boy who's bornblind jealous of those who can see, you know, it's very. i don't know. - [voiceover] visualizing an orgasm kinda makes me want to gohome and have an orgasm. - [voiceover] art is adiscovery. art's a breakthrough.

so is an orgasm. an orgasm is a breakthrough, but the problem with the man's orgasm is it's like a breakthroughand then it's a breakdown, and then you get sad. you don't wanna do anything. - [voiceover] women are planets, really. i know i described it differently there, but women are planets.

female orgasm

men are just shooting stars. no, no, no. women are shooting stars. men are just like planets, andthey just kinda stay there.

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