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lower right abdominal pain

why is my pelvis hurting during pregnancy? if it was early in the pregnancy, i’d saysome of it was simply the uterus stretching as the baby grows. you are carrying quitea load. the kid cannot even be ten pounds yet. itonly feels like it. when you gain thirty to forty pounds whilepregnant, ten is the kid, ten is extra flesh

lower right abdominal pain, like development of the breasts, ten is extrablood and such, and maybe a couple pounds for a placenta. perhaps half of that weight ends up againstthe pelvis though. the problem is that it throws your mass offcenter, straining the pelvis and hips. be

glad it is not your back. oh, i have back pain too. but i have fewerqualms getting a back massage and more products to treat back pain. the pelvis has to spread when the baby isgrowing during a first pregnancy. it is common to have pelvic pain in the third trimesterwith your first kid. i’m not going to get pregnant a second timeto prove that right. the pubis bones meet at the symphysis pubis,a firm joint with ligaments. the same hormones that cause soft tissues to relax lead to ithurting when the stress is worse. you’d think it would end at some point,and not just when you have the baby.

some women have pain because it expands toofar, but that’s rare. how could a doctor tell what it was? an x-ray would. but you know if the issueis due to the pelvic joint because it clicks or grinds as you move. i’d hate to have this until i go into labor. if you have any type of pelvic pain, you cantry to be active up to the point where it is uncomfortable. i endlessly hear i need to walk a lot to helpthe kid settle lower in the pelvis. there are pelvic floor exercises to buildup those muscles and lessen pain from muscle

strain. that has the side benefit of making me lesslikely to accidentally leak pee when i sneeze or laugh. sometimes pelvic pain is due to strain ofmuscles around the pelvis and back because you’re lifting too much weight than yourbody can handle in addition to the pregnancy. it is not like i work in a warehouse.

lower right abdominal pain

you can get pelvic pain by walking with atoddler on your hip, applying extra weight and an off center stress on the joints. this is my first kid.

then take a load off your feet and talk tothe doctor if it gets worse.

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