Jumat, 28 April 2017

cloudy urine

is it bad when your urine is clear? dark yellow urine is a sign of bad dehydration.yellow is normal. and mine is clear. it may simply be so diluted that it looksclear. that’s not bad but a sign of proper hydration.

cloudy urine, when should i be worried? if it is red, to the er you should head. ifit is orange, what rhymes with orange? i think there is a place in wales that rhymeswith orange. if it is a mix of red and yellow, you mayhave an std or ui so you’re a sad fellow.

what would be a mix of yellow and red? red in urine is from blood unless you’retaking some really funky drugs. orange is usually a sign of internal bleeding from abladder infection or std pustules that broke, but it can be from some meds. then my clear urine is a relief. it’s a sign of something healthy. i don’t know if it is healthy. it is a sign that there’s nothing wronglike blood loss. if it is cloudy and clear, you could still have a bacterial infection.

lovely. no, gross. and clear but burning can be a sign of anstd or urinary tract infection in the early stages. does it always lead to bleeding? no, but bleeding is always bad. and if youcan’t pee, that’s cause to go to the er. why would that be an emergency? if you have asthma, the inflammation can constrictthe airways. how bad does an internal infection have to be so that your pipes close up? ok, that’s an emergency.

but if you have clear urine but you know youare dehydrated, then you probably have diabetes.

cloudy urine

oh, great, now i can panic. if it is green, it’s because you had toomuch asparagus. if you have blue urine, you might have gotten it from medications. that’s a rainbow i never hope to see.

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