Sabtu, 29 April 2017

depressed test

teenage depression actually happens more thanwe think. experts say that one in five teens will access services unlike adults who canask for help, so this is why it's important as a parent of a teen or an adult who is incontact with a teen to know what some of signs and symptoms are. there's a lot of pressurefacing teens today from the natural course of going through puberty to trying to understandwho they are and where they fit in. teenagers

depressed test, express themselves in different ways. forsome teens, if they are feeling depressed, they might isolate themselves or they mightfeel a great sense of sadness. yes, those are symptoms of depression, but there arealso signs to be aware of: increase in irritability,

depressed test

aggression and even rage, loss of interestfrom the things they used to enjoy, problems

as school, low self-esteem, tearfulness orfrequent crying, withdrawal from friends and family, changes in eating and sleeping habits,restlessness and agitation. there can also be a lack of enthusiasm, tired, lack of energy,difficulty concentrating, reckless behaviour.

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