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will my baby in the womb be hurt if i have intercourse during pregnancy? intercourse is not known to cause any harm during pregnancy there are a lot of layers of tissue intervening between the vagina and the baby. so your child will not be harmed during intercourse yet i would like to mention a few things:

intercourse, in the first trimester - i.e. the first three months many women undergo discomfort like nausea, vomiting and uneasiness so they may not be in a mood to have intercourse so it would be good to respect the woman's wishes at this time

and depending on her wishes, you can have intercourse. also, in certain cases, the doctor will advise you not to have intercourse e.g. you have had repeated miscarriages or if you have had any bleeding during this pregnancy or if you have a low lying placenta or if you have multiple pregnancies, like twins then you will be told by your doctor to not have intercourse it would be advisable to not have intercourse in the second trimester of pregnancy, a woman is generally far more comfortable

all the nausea and the vomiting has gone away she is eating better so, maybe at this time she is happier having intercourse some times routine positions may be a little difficult so you can try something new at this time - maybe in the third trimester, the tummy is very large the back hurts so sometimes she may not be wanting to have intercourse also traditionally we have been advising patients - for many years

not to have intercourse in the third trimester because semen contains prostaglandins also, an orgasm induces uterine contractions. so prostaglandins and an orgasm can induce uterine contractions


and there is a fear of pre term labour hence we would advice a little bit of caution in the third trimester though foreplay is ok visit www.siyawoman.com for more content designed specially for the #atypicalwoman in you

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