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how to orgasm

female orgasms seems to be so mysterious they’vebeen the subject of studies for ages. can we just agree that at the end of the daythey’re all just awesome? hello everyone, amy here for dnews. sexually speaking, women tend to be bit morecomplicated than men. female arousal is heavily dependent on location,comfort, stress, and even more nebulous factors

how to orgasm, like relationship with a partner and contextuallife. and many women still don’t know exactlywhat gets them off. is it direct clitoral stimulation? friction from intercourse?

a mixture of both? in order to understand a female orgasm, ithelps to know the parts involved. first off, the part you can see on the outsideis not the vagina. it’s actually called the the vulva; thevagina is the canal inside the vulva. and then there’s the clitoris. most of us think of the clitoris as a smallorgan typically covered by a hood but it’s actually so, so much more. the clitoris the metaphorical tip of the iceberg,the iceberg in this case being a system of nerves and muscles called the clitorourethrovaginalcomplex or cuv that surrounds the vagina and

the urethra. since there is an external and internal portionof this cuv complex, there are two types of orgasms women can experience: clitoral andvaginal. the difference is just the means by whichthese nerves are stimulated; for clitoral orgasms it’s the external part of the clitoristhat is being stimulated. for a vaginal orgasm it’s nerves insidethe vagina that are being stimulated. most women reach climax sooner from clitoralstimulation since this tiny external portion has more nerve endings than any other humanbody part, male or female, but at the end of the day it’s all the same bundle of nervesand muscles.

it’s not entirely surprising that not everyoneunderstands this distinction. the clitoris wasn’t even scientifically‘discovered’ until the 1500’s, and for centuries the body part was pretty much ignored. this was partially because of the taboo surroundingfemale sexuality, but also scientists didn’t really see the value in having a clitoris,or a female orgasm at all. it’s an orgasm that doesn’t emit spermso doesn’t further the human race. so, they thought, what’s the point of havingor studying the female orgasm? in fact, the idea that a women could havedifferent types of orgasms didn’t arise until the early 1900’s.

famed psychiatrist sigmund freud argued thatclitoral orgasms are inferior to vaginal orgasms because women can only fully realize theirmature sexuality from a having intercourse with a man. today we know that this is totally ridiculous,but still many women say clitoral and vaginal orgasms feel different, so why? and how? well it may have something to do with bloodflow. in a 2014 study, scientists observed womenduring clitoral and vaginal stimulation using ultrasounds.

the researchers found that while clitoralorgasms altered blood flow in the exterior clitoris, vaginal orgasms affected blood flowin the entire clitoral network, the cuv. these differences in blood flow were correlatedto the change in sensation. but, vaginal or clitoral -- even male or female!-- all orgasms have largely the same effect on the body and brain. orgasms occur when the muscles that were tightenedduring arousal finally relax. this happens through a series of rhythmiccontractions. the feeling of ecstasy, bliss and sometimesa rush of emotion come from a release of hormones like dopamine oxytocin and prolactin in yourbrain.

and scientists say this has major health benefits. orgasms are said to reduce stress, improvesleep and lower blood pressure. so we should stop pigeonholing orgasms intojust vaginal or clitoral and instead focus on the feelings they give us. in the end, they’re all pretty great! so that's all about good sex. but what about when sex goes horribly, horriblywrong? you can check out the latest episode and allepisodes of sex sent me to the er on the discovery life go app.

check out the link below or download it fromyour app store. and speaking of good sex... could sex be so good that it actually killsyou? jackie has the answer to the odd questionof whether or not sex can kill your grandfather in this video right here. this happens because the male body respondsto cardio-vascular stress by increasing vascular resistance, which is the force that opposesblood flow.

how to orgasm

this can lead to an uptick in blood pressure. got any more questions about orgasms or sexin general?

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