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[ninja intro] hi, this is dr. steve. you get abdominal pain,bloating and gas when you drink milk or eat cheese and other dairy products. right? andyou're wondering if you have lactose intolerance. or maybe you have a milk allergy? well, inthis short video i'm going to tell you a simple test that you can do at home.

lactulose, first of all, lactose intolerance is not adisease or disorder. most of the adults on this planet can't consume more than one cupof milk, without experiencing some very uncomfortable side effects. but lactose intolerance is notthe only reason you might be experiencing digestive issues. for example, there are alsomilk allergies.

the discomfort from lactose intolerance isdue to a huge amount of gas being produced in a short period of time in your gut, andit causes that bloating and pain, and eventually gas. but since lactose intolerance is considerednormal, doctors are usually not authorized to test for it. so if you want to do yourown test at home, here's how: even if you do have lactose intolerance youshould still be able to drink up to one cup of milk without experiencing any discomfort.if you do experience discomfort with less than a cup of milk then you probably don'thave lactose intolerance. the discomfort may not happen immediately, so give it up to twohours. try drinking lactose free milk; drink thesame amount that caused you problems with

regular milk. you can also try cottage cheese,which has very little lactose. if you have problems with cottage cheese - this may bebecause you are allergic to the major milk protein, called casein. if you have problemswith lactose free milk or cottage cheese, then you should probably see your doctor inorder to find out what the problem really is.


there are a number topics related to lactoseintolerance that i cover in separate videos. i'll announce them and update any new informationin my free newsletter. so sign up at my blog,, right now! and remember,life is meant to be enjoyed: you don't have to stop eating your favorite foods if youknow the secrets. so stay informed!

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