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hey guys, welcome back to happy kids vids. and in this video, i’m going to show youhow to make this super awesome bubble guppies molly mermaid. for this custom toy, i will be using my littlepony equestria girls minis fluttershy and this cheap mermaid toy.

ple, the first step is to remove the head fromboth toys. when we hold fluttershy’s head near themermaid body, we can see what the final form will look like. you can see that the hole on fluttershy’sneck is too small and fluttershy’s hair

is too long at the front. i’ll remove fluttershy;s hair and replaceit with the hair from the applejack equestria girl. to make the head fit, i’ll just use my dremeltool to enlarge the hole. we’ll do a test fit….yes, it fits perfectly. now its time to use some hot glue and jointhe head to the body. i’m going to paint the head and body inthat tan skin colour that bubble guppy molly has. i need to be careful to not get pain on theeyes, but i am painting over the eyebrows

and mouth as these features will be replaced. now that the face is complete, i’ll paintthe upper body in the same skin tone as the face. because we are using two different colouredhair pieces, i’ll paint each piece pink and allow them to dry. while the hair is drying, i’ll paint themermaid tail light blue. this actually required two coats of lightblue paint. now i’ll add some detail to the face bypainting the eyes. molly has brown pupils.

and then some dark highlights around the eyesas well as black eyebrows. the last feature on her face is her mouth,which i have painted off camera because it is so finely detailed. i’ll finish off bubble guppy molly’s mermaidtail and swimmers by adding some dark blue highlights. and finally, some hot glue to the back ofthe head to attach the hair, and a little more hot glue at the front to apply the finalhair piece. and there you have it, one super cool my littlepony equestria girls bubble guppy molly mermaid custom.

the cool thing that i like about this customis that the tail can bend so that she can sit or stretch out for swimming. molly is one of my favorite cartoon characters. who is your favorite cartoon character?


leave your comment is the comments section. if you would like to see more cool my littlepony custom toys, make sure you hit the like button and subscribe to happy kids vids. thanks for watching guys

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