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sleeping sex

for many people for sex pam first love under-funding experiencesthey'll never forget thank you you take you to get here okla this is a filmabout what happens in our bodies and brains

sleeping sex, at the beginning of sexual life typehome companies like place we put the young people as they setabout losing their virginity a dollar short

need don't wanna try before you buy soit did you try to no we didn't and we track the effects a falling inlove for the first time i could tell they made a very very happyecstatic might leave la with access tocutting-edge science and computer graphics we show themassive impact is crucial was a passage had here's the area where we're hoping tosee the activity they can be a roller coaster of emotionsabortion absolutely not contraceptive choice it'slike

the last resort up the last resort andwhat happens at the thought about sex lives can have a major effect on the rest ofmy life they have been a making a list while just be gay personheadley through the highs and the lows this isthe inside story how sex works sex is good okay it'sgreat fun in leeds 19-year-old callum and17-year-old karina are in the first flushes a newrelationship living together a month on sunday said the stuff fromnow yeah

estate can unplug that the covers towatch karina route on saturday night at the local park i had talked several aids without page if you know i mean a what you mean person flower drum i took my hand let me over the bar isover there and says crooner i might be a little bitroom book please we go out there as like yesperfect place front of people about yeah from

cattlemen karina have not had sex yet but kareena lost her virginity in aprevious relationship thinking back on the first time hours ini was happy at the time and i don't regret it because i neverregret something that made me smile at one point have callum however has not yet found theright person i'm flirtin which a lot of people mightget into a mess the mock me i've neverreally cared fishy fest on insects ever and i dothink it's in part on

fate of it you know someone who mainsummit here to be quite special tonight trina iscooking for callum brown to her place this is the first night will spendtogether should be on but i think women tend to think seethings like this is a lot mara monica's men do i'm not expecting i'll nationarmy not expect traffic to the tonight straightforward look quite nice acer i discovered go aday without thinking about him i x i do and i got me involved thank youknow what you're gonna do today

but a little adventure for the happy cue to think about match an abandoned houseand i think i i don't think about them adoption always on my mind and a lot ofpeople will be going now we can all be deeplymadly in love that i had never believe that don't thinkwe'll just happens like that at the moment at sam i'm deeplyattracted to a i like a lot but not love shit like milkcereal wife i mean making checking change with a cloth think jim you

hatched think i'm pollen plan on footfrom home i think vetoed nah i'm too shy most young people start to develop aninterest in sex and relationships after puberty from which happens an average age of 11for girls and swell for boys it is the mosttumultuous time in any individual's life see that this extraordinary explosion ofhormones in hanahan woman and it's no surprisethat is associated with some quite radicalbehavior

puberty stocking up on the brink of thehigh-profile a miss messages sm from here to the testicles in boysand i hope everything goes telling these plans to massivelyincrease the production of 60 months i'm in males the main sex hormonestestosterone in females is called east region thesetwo modes of transport around the body in the bloodstream having been released as significantlygreater levels than before puberty them that's not all over the body the sex almost got have receptorstrigger a major changes in our

appearance and bodily function i'm employeesgenitals in large and sperm is produced for the first timein girls pics widan breast develop and periodstubborn as we become fertile we start to exploresexual portunity is for the first time individuals young man and woman learning thera by their sexuality inlearning what it means to be sexy right is in south wales a group of lads in theirearly twenties have lost their virginity

but they're preparing for a secthroughout the passage a bit different kind their first bring holiday abroad numberof the capital of and i think i ever evan was a casa onething and sacks drink austin things a baby penguin because they're thestatistics that he's come up with second tank i to every girl yeah havingsome lube i for what's going on holiday callas i'm gonna damned magenta and tom andmyself

the chance that part down another groupwhen he's drunk you to anything absolutely anythinghe'll uses to some joked that he likes to usewhat's got two thumbs speaks french we've got twelve inchpenis my yeah i don't they always disappointedonly click on speak french i and importantlyi mean a lot holiday air abroad gets so where the anticipation isset is killing me to be honest and i can'twait to operators started offering cheappackage holidays young brits

back in the mid-nineteen sixties wellthat wasn't until the seventies and eighties these trips became established as amajor sexual rights of passage these days thousands head out to resortall over europe for a week and sun see and sex but the condoms in their a sore subject 20 inches to each other women happen yeah freelucky go a little bit further of my life a pheno while saw i wanna get my leg of her i thinkmomma

i wanna better fam brian pic 23 now i can't we be gone on theseholidays much longer i'm have to get my system i think it'll be aepic i think memorable in gloucester shot and the end a dealhad been going out for just under two and a half years and are about to experience a major stepforward and essential lines and then i came in ranked and two daystime

and that the weekend and we have decidedto make a decision that to abstain from having sex beforemarriage happy father we thank you for this opportunity tell when andy a christian youth workersi met when they were colleagues at the same charity that they would bei'm a committed christian that's important to me in terms of the gala seek home perhaps someone who i can marry he's gotthe same passions the same goals the same vision for well

it's a very important to me wife mostthat the young people ago ninety well prove are not christians and the couple areopen with them about their decision to wait until marriage before having sex meets get the firsttime with not dead well hey no cleanup fbi i bit ly crazy thing ever diana ichton hey if you play it's so darn near mfglobal sexual activity involved the

whole you want i watching for equal sexualactivity and pick up pockets and both minimal/tech jacket with a hood front ofthe america officially yeah it's a funny the response is that youget initially they say howell ta can you say 129 29 you still avirgin that's ridiculous when you get married with some nationallifetime partner and you like with it easier for ginny term impactfrom now they don't have to wait think

it's a choice that you can make it yeah why would you want to wait why didyou decide he like me anyway and i am and field rather me it was about onlyhaving expansion one person so i want to make sure that i wait till i wasmarriage this is not totally sure demanding fiftyyeah yeah the average age boys and girls losetheir virginity in the uk is 16 a dylan and his pledge to say sexuntil marriage in their late 20's has even surprisedsome of their friends wanna might be close girlfriendsattendee said

a deluge short you don't wanna trybefore you buy like are you ready shortly then we triedit no we didn't i do think about sex quite a lot adele's an attractivegirl so why wouldn't and for me that the excitement i thinkabout $2 billion hearts relational really strengthen our initial a formal but theceremony just two days away however some nerves about the wedding night acreeping in infamy i'm slightly nervous about the fact thatand he's gonna say new no clothes on and as a female i'm slightly anxiousabout the fact that i've not got you

know perfect body in but let the bugs inplace even know beneath fee not yet thought about his new nerves before sex a natural but can lead to physical problems duringsex not the missus down to poor blood flow mn when they'll sexually stimulated imposes the same by the nervous systemto the gym from the nerves going through the penis

then release chemicals the white in theblood vessels which increases blood flow producing an erection no business canimpair these imposes causing difficulty getting an erectionin women there is a similar effect normally sexual stimulation triggersblood flow to the join up which causes duplication to make sexmore comfortable anxiety can impair his blood flow mean in the vagina business lubricatedmaking it more difficult for women to get sexually aroused %uh drink apple's the lads from southwales have their own problems to deal

with as their dreams have a6 your holiday inthe sun seem a little optimistic de tui nearing the end the season rightat the end the season is coming up on this friday musica y mas should be done so we hadset up never been to anything like this before my life is so differentamounts as not balls the latter determined tofind some girls and get the party started nothing indomino spirit on a good like that when is plenty goes plant about all

been a music nothing in stock and no wayyard the boy to three days into their holiday a sec has not yet been a major featurewhen it comes to kissing girls however one member of the group is way out infront me who's been the most successful soap.com the i more successfully che's myself many different people every night ithink that maybe some crab an expert yes has shop fraction lost hard

test scheck researchers he was trying to findyou i wrote his own i can find it fired byyou very much edition's' if you look kessler all the time appetizer mainabout his own when we kiss up what he's going topleasure overdrive the lips and tongue a packed with nerveendings are incredibly sensitive to stimulationthis box to police said the feel-good chemical dopamine by nerve cells in the pleasure centersof the brain

when don't mean the patches to receptorson neighboring nerve cells it triggers feelings of euphoria andexcitement all over the body them some scientists believe kissing could be about much more than a fleetingmoment of passion and pleasure i'll as more kissing least the morepolice have other chemicals such as the hormone multi toasted whichfurther stimulus bonding and desire between couples to the scenes like it hot little buzzedashley heightens and you really feel a good adrenaline cath definitelysomething that just

sparks i think in the back your mindthey'd always stop by we'll begin yes you read job done i pearlstein right now it has been toholiday bowl ads and i'm sure to get a life yeah a sad very and combat then and i wentback to bed in any way that we ended at midnight lacking andgive you a band yet but i'm thing happens from there well as you seethem but it's gone pretty well i think heynena yeah yeah well

iowa as the happy couple call it a night the other let's consider their optionsgood rest mon i really belong go on girl go alongclean porn jo hollow her follow-on make nighthey best heavenly i got it was more funny har har pictureddonley think oneself sex truck kicks in when actually motivated to find apartner and for the first time may experience with another person oneof the most intense natural highs the body can create

orgasm big boobs in anticipation of anintimate encounter sexual arousal bills in men volpetriggers an erection a spongy tissue inside the penis pillswith blood in women the clitoris and vagina willswell with blood lubrication occurs and the vaginalmuscles relax during sex nerve endings in the penisand clitoris and we love the vagina stimulated aspenetration begins nearing orgasm both male and femalebrains crackle with activity as some eighty different areas becomeincreasingly active a climax

the brain sends signals for the body'snervous system generate the physical and sensual affects pub orgasm mn the result is muscles inside the baseof the penis contracting bigger risley causing ejaculation in women waves a vaginal contractions are set inmotion spasming every point eight seconds a few momentsa pleasure up then it's over for many these intense sensations can be aformative experience as we begin our sexual lines

on finding a sexual partner is not the onlychallenge we face now early sex lives 23-year-old martin had a confusing timewhen his sex drive kicked in as a teenager i always saw myselfdifferent to anyone else sucks high school reallyother smartphones in man for a long time and i just like than 12 acceptable okay just needsleep until maybe i mind up to $10 each day than a stupididea neighbor

her thought my way of thinking back theni kissed a girl from college just sell weapon like not million forfun care wanna get out now this is kindalike lot around six per cent of the uk population identify themselves as gay lesbian orbisexual i'm to understand myself i don't getline k is not exactly loading let's be straight or gay push abutton to decide and worked hard on throughout the last century mostscientists believe people were gay

because it charted experiences and how they were brought up by the1990s however these be restarted to fall out of favoris one good way of shooting them down and that is to look at the developmentof sexual orientation in the children of gay parents most ofthese kids are heterosexual probably about 95 percent let's say andthe remainder a gay which is perfectly consistent with whatyou get by chance in 1993 biological theories to explain why somepeople are gay hit the headlines scientists in the united states saythey've uncovered new evidence which

supports the theory that homosexuality might be hereditaryinside the cell in our body liau chromosomes the whole thousands ofgenes the 10 our bodies how to develop afunction sciences dean hey march 30 40 pairs of homosexual brothers and found that the majority shared acell five markers on the long on the one chromosome the x chromosome it suggested there withthe gene or jeans in this area the my influenceour sexuality

d name is finding was reallycontroversial at the time because it challenge the orthodoxy old to be thosein the anti-gay camp who argue that sexual orientation can bechanged dean haymer study has never been wellreplicated and scientists have still not definitively identified gay gene or jeans science continues to look outbiology however and recent theories have explored howhormones my influence how sexuality so the one in the ideasabout how hormones might organize sexual orientation is that i'mgay men are exposed to low levels of

testosterone in the womb if you have just the right amount oftestosterone then you develop into heterosexual brief have too little testosterone ortoo much that causes shifts in the female typicaldirection one smart in realized he was gay he decided to fill some close friendsthe college are shaking occurred hardly parade say the words and k waslike pushing heavy lifting heavy thing youcan way you can think of

and his my scary thing a moment in mylife nothing be top he sucks in my bed by 11 sainigains the plot not to lobby the national schobel the nazi told is all i love it this what coming out tohis friends martin has yet to tell his mom his gamethere were many times i've diet wide tele like mom i'm gay but i'm always like psych mom i'm am nothin

at the resort not being fully outs martin has never really exploredthe gay scene i feel comfortable in the state will i don't know anyone in the gay scene idon't know any gay people like all my friends tracks but going up the straight bars can havehis frustrations from our team when his may stop pulling prestashop oldgirl he's like license long played host names suchcaution is goodnight did not so much chris i don'twanna know went

i'm freaking jealous is like everyoneelse suppose %uh was easy p.m. may will stay you in shape clubs and paul i'm a gay guy gets shake clubs and icalled poll obviously happy to talk too much right now if he says something got want to know salacious island southbound even when they can move ontoa truck bomb marty's make chris its new home in himhome dubai

hair the yeah do the mines have some descended belong onanalyst wrong with me i feel like im martin had it's like i'ma gay guy who likes straight quarters the against gay clubs unlike and then do allied then what today if i come i feeltrapped for martin

the key to his feeling comfortable withtheir sexuality is finally coming out to his mom the patella i can like feel free tobring home a guy from in a relationship with him idoubt the prompt balloting also one change last name of making a pestle what were you thinking there areyou got you all sound good everyone tyson stack up macbeth callum and kareena have beenspending everyday together and the relationship has entered a newphase ex-cons the feeling

how ya feeling fine look down on this little island thingand is like arena come over here and talk to her bio kevin was like kraina might be hidden graphtold you the far but i think i do watch little via and myheart just like exploded really allow all called a cheaper plan to say know quite spontaneous yes %uh this withany of our actually lover hella hella she's billion

platinex week %uh saw them of a smile onmy face i what again admonition among the lowest to me lo feel like love the butterfliesin your stomach in when i'm not with them i think the homeall the time is just knowing that someone is that for you i'm not y'all that for somebody elsealways jones up like karina is wondering

if the couple's newfound love for eachother will lead to the next big step in a relationship like let's keep thinkin our actuallygonna have sex now when if mom column type questions why i film now a for the obvious reason i'm it'snot work inspire me thinking was cleaning and i think will if it you know if it don't work shegonna follow me she gonna be upset is it will it destroy relationship completely

%uh the stockpiling outside ima comingout because when i say because kyle motherhad sex with farm i always think you know he's waiting forthe right person i'm not trying to rush column up i'm just thinking about things 9 arkema in new york city scientists are tryingto find out why the feelings that new love have such powerful ups and downs yes ido

that act is diana and albert me going upthe seven monks and have agreed to take part in a studyi actually think this is going to be the first time i've seen drink cup coffeei'm actually quite drive-by i'm a fireball he meant her hairstyle at the living care and remember seeing originally was rankedlike work at care crowd will work out here everything ilike you look at you i work at a rate now skinny it

yeah today's experiment is one of thefirst to look at brain activity during early-stage intense romantic lovewhat we're gonna do is scanned the brain a young woman whosays that she's madly in love and what we're trying to find out isexactly what is going on in the brain when you feel that deletion the euphoria the giddiness the possessiveness the motivation the craving the obsessivethinking %uh early intense from anagram them first the pool diana must be assessedthe check she sufficiently in love

to take part in the test what was reallybadly reactions when you begin to feel that you were really interested in a remember the second he want andeverything it was like shaking i am sitting at the desk amdoing my keyboard think i'm just so happy use their here just like elation and one relation donation as a major in aspect nerve intense romantic lovewell yeah yeah love life it had a verypowerful experience

we need to capture you in it intensefeeling %uh romantic passion albert diana has agreed to go into an at mriscanner to see which possible brain most activewhat she thinks about work make a.m. but fun you guys in this cannot sign is shown afavorite photo album on a loop for four seconds at a time then to cleanse her mind she's of the countdown in incrementshave seven from a random number

finally diane is shown a photo of afriend she has no romantic feelings cool theresearch team is looking for differences in brain activity when do anything for albert compared towhat she thinks her friend but here's the area where we're hopingto see the activity we're hoping the scanner can pick this up because weknow its their i it's just a little factory near thebase in the brain right and the teen suspect the ventraltegmental area in the brain is particularly active in the firststages of romantic love

releasing large amounts of the chemicaldopamine dopamine is a natural stimulant when you see a picture here lover thedopamine system is triggered to give you that intense rush earthintense infatuation but dopamine pathways in the brainproduce focus craving goal-oriented behavior is amotivation in this case the motivation to win thelove over will be partner these are really great results there very specific for this lower brainstem area that we saw active unions

romantic love way to be able to put yourfinger on a a little not band instruments over men were coming to get him somescientists believe the strong drive to be together manylovers experience is essential to our survival romanticlove has an important evolutionary purposewhich was to in naval the brain to focus that made inenergy on just one individual and start themating process citing your brain is still intact homeand indeed is the most important thing

that we do it is this way that we pass rd ne ontotomorrow remember year yeah i spose actually thinking about how and i justgot the frank images that the future a rather thanthinking about the pad lemme check to the future in cash from happening team i'm 10 years 15-20 campaign 30 and dilation maybe i planning

today i don't and he will celebratetheir love in front of 500 guess when they get married add after the ceremony to be free toexplore sex for the very first time it doesn'treally feel like it's my wedding day but i can evidence just a really excited and yet andean his ass is opposing forpre-wedding photos when we're come through from the bride'shouse his 11 apparently what means for virgin traditionally here these the un landed yeah

some up and his mates also waited formarried before having sex i did you want me to advise by needsmoves nothing too serious i leave a minute out work the mechanics yeah usually and i guidance and advicewill pacify shady package i justice and when the kelexgotta keep yeah refraining from sex has not always beeneasy for ago and andy red-blooded male so when min ago didn'tmean a the hot this be faster you do getexcited you're you stop to think that other things upin your head men and women

a different intensive when they becomesexually excited and is like a gas ivan e10 on it instantheat x you simon and there's big flame andother men not just me and eat any of and it goes straight awaywhere's for women then what i can. electric oven may take longer to heat up but the moment that they have got hot atshe takes them longer to cool down the adele's a lot better this than i amshe can't enter so step back i think we protect a nap isover the knee 3 side my buddy

planned a disney greatest lead nancy is a unlike euthanasia the you would be fantastic will be just sexnot the context the marriage from the fact thatwe can both and two that without having previous sexual experience fantastic in first time sex enough to be a case oftry the narrow but the fact ago when andy a deeply in love

may stand them in good stead somescientists believe that particularly when women are in love they have better quality orgasms and canachieve orgasm or easily than those who in tests this is building to a brainregion called the left insular which a great activity when women so thebeloved name written down the more satisfied the female testsubjects were with the quality of orgasms in a sexual relationship the more this brain area was activated them

ipad the most perfect day ever i'm neverintended to do this again so it's the best thing that everhappened it's just great to come to the reception lost people here my love respectsummation of the to the show does problems at the reception conversation turns tothe wedding nine we talked i deeply about now playing apart in i am tonight from what it might be like wantto give back to 1998 when i think that looking both there not to like aboutyeah

not even now rather than we would be sexas something much more than physical act inemotional aspects to it within i love income tax and is thentastic because it's not relationship least a good sex is that we're but loveback member at least two a good sex line choosing when to have sex for the firsttime and who with is a major decision and wedon't always get a ride twenty percent of young men and overforty percent of young women do they had sex for the first time toosoon in recent years

a small minority has taken the extremestep resorting to cosmetic surgery in an attempt to return themselves tothe physical state they were in before for sex the procedure is called crime in aplastic the hymen is a thin 30 membrane is down at theopening to the join when the hymen is stretched they canrupture which sometimes causes bleeding for a long time it was believed andintact hymen with evidence a virginity and that itwould be broken the first time a woman has penetrative sex

however the hymen can be ruptured inmany different ways such as horse riding both through theinsertion the tampon despite this in some coaches theharmonies still symbolic a virginity what we do know how many places recreatethat barrier so that it reversion eyes is so to speak the patient today's patient is judy a committedchristian regrets losing her virginity to high school sweetheart she's asked tobe anonymous she feels she will be ostracized if itbecomes public she's not a virgin

highest point in 10 very they aconservative catholic home sex before marriage is not allowed atall he was my best friend pleaded date for a little while in high schoolanyways it was hard because he had really strict parents and i had been a state panel he had toldme that he would not let me he don't propose to me and i think yes and you know where i'm game each andthen when the roomie 18th happened

judy and her boyfriend had sex onceventi months later he disappeared 0 she eventually caughtup with him on facebook he message me back pain and side tables i got me a couple canoi'm not be most amazing girl ever and i had to leave because they're notcheating meant im i was in shock i gave him night vision goggles i ball from somethings they couldn't at the time i felt like i was a cannibal back happen good you home in a plasticcost between two and four thousand

pounds and is relatively rare with this clinicin the us performing 27 procedures a year the first step is to expose thearea so than one can actually see what isgoing on you may be looking in the second step the edges a freshenedup i mean cutting the old scar that his formed on the free edge of thehymen allowing a bleeding edge to form andthen the final step is a suit on the outside

layer of the hyman awarded spaces the exterior macos you gonna tighten it toomuch otherwise next time you know sex it will be exceedingly difficult %uh nothing can change how gd lost hervirginity but she hopes this procedure will makeher feel more comfortable about the prospects for for sex with hercurrent partner she beings should one day marry he wantsto know that he is the only 1i have been random

tonight at the wedding he's expectingthe plateau sheet that his mother had her parker humans i don't agree with doctor maybe iwon't be that 100 percent birch and i once was but i will be oneagain and that's when looking for nineteenjust being a virgin again and be myself in capitals is another not on the pool and allowedto be seen for a spot dutch courage their homes soons relief cheap thankthank nords a cocktail six polls sex on the beach

lagoon the head fucker will becomeprofit on the civil servants the dawn meiji shots ish who really justsuch a glass go drashti this includes promise you're not whenyeah the as the booze flows lacked confidence with women seems therockies if i can have a big hollywood reporter i should just stop you from thinkingabout where you gonna say when we have

an alcoholic drink washes down to the stomach and into thesmall intestine where rapidly absorbed into thebloodstream andy san pumping round the body and to the brain in the part of thebrain responsible for social inhibitions nerve cells talk to each other bysending chemical messages influence how we act if we see someone fancy but can't getthe courage to talk to them this message is sent from this area thatare inhibiting us

alcohol depresses the ability of hispart the brain to send and receive these chemicalmessages and we become much less inhibited a much more self-confident withpotential sexual partners i think the outcome it from you not careabout how i'm coming across i'm deposition stock in a dutch couragein nature upped the ante and getting there so tospeak who doesn't make us less it's reallyinhibited scientists also reckon we actually fancy more people will my drug

the most sober it's called the big ok with affect andis a phenomenon customers up up in south london all toofamiliar with bigelow to ruin available online time a mean thought look at women anything that whendid not feel scientist louis halsey and your cooper acarrying an experiment to find out what people might appear more attractive after a few drinks funds this study isbased around the idea the alcohol might affect our ability

to detect asymmetry in the faces ofothers people tend to find mates or potentialmajor partners more attractive when they'remore symmetrical is all about finding a mate that willprovide good genes to go with your sphere or spring andwill also likely provide for your offspring well you will be shown prem ke pasa thesisokay and do a tropfest to decide which one ismore attractive okay yeah no like me berisha

yeah thats kind of you to see one facingeach pair has been something he manipulated making it more symmetrical than theother and participants must decide which they prefer the theory that weworking on was that people who were more drunk maybe less able to see asymmetry in aface some people are so but if they can see the asymmetry to make on c that's a blackattractiveness and therefore they see the faces be more attractive

of the judging the faces participantstake a breathalyzer test to measure how much alcohol is in theirbloodstream 71 that for i'm not home every hey so we found that sober people more often prefer the symmetricalface a pair faces when they had the choice then did the drunk participants you for her the symmetrical face just i times out of 20 this reasonable evidencehe not conclusive reasonable evidence

thats loss of ability to perceiveasymmetry of drink alcohol is at least part of the mechanismexplaining what we call beagle's drinking and eating may be fun but one thing up with someone we don'tfancy is not the only risk attached survey say the people are three timesmore likely to have unprotected sex when drunk for men the main method contraception isthe condom which reduces the risk sti's in pregnancy for young women the pill ismost popular it won't protect against sti's by isaround 99 percent effective

in preventing pregnancy if used properlyit caused a storm when it came out in 1961 this little white tablet it moreexplosive than dynamite what effect will be on the future ofmankind is something nobody campbelltown the pill prevents women from gettingpregnant were interrupting the no move my newchanges the control the menstrual cycle done normally humans through the greatfor work or follicles in the ovaries are women and every month one of these folliclesdominates the others in size

i'm releases intake which canpotentially be fertilized by sperm ok the pill slows the police have certainhormones which restricts the follicles from growing and by extension and egg from growingand being released for fertilization but who is only effective however ifuses remember to take it every day on victoria out when on the pier whenshe became sexually active in her late teens i e finish school 18 and i'd kinda messed up my final yeararen't struggled with depression and

things like that and head been just going out and drinking a i was sleeping with a lot of people and ithought i was having fun but when i look back at it now i thinkprobably a tix at the time of a bit what happened but i think it was moredesperation victoria's chaotic lifestyle mention ofthem for got to take a pill when i went home is somebody i wouldknow the eye with gonna have a protected sex i knew that iwas gonna be shaping where just car talk about it with peoplebut then couldn't

couldn't do it didn't want to talk aboutit didn't want to have to do with i think too much reality 0 i knew that the last best not sleptwith i just you the i was pregnant i knew itand it was america that it happened hadn't happened siena of the confirming she was pregnant betrue we went to her parents with the news my and they both came in to the loungein just that makes me on so french is how my hand

and just asked me what i wanted todayand they're amazing i told them that i didn't want a bepregnant you know i didn't have a baby and i just said okay abortion waslegalized in the uk in 1967 the prolite lobby argue abortion goesagainst the rise a number one child it has been over fourand a half million unborn children killed by abortionpro-choice groups few legal abortion as a major step forward in women's rights before 1967 way home office statisticsshow that between 30 and 50 women a year died as a result in criminal abortion

abortion rate increase slightly lastyear and nearly a hundred ninety thousand performing england and wales when victoria opted to have an abortionshe feels she was just not ready to cope with becoming a mother i wasn't willing t give up my life you know messed up as it was i wasn'twilling to change it back massively when she wrote the hospitalfor her abortion victory was sent for an ultrasound scanyou see people going for a scan on tv or your friends go for spam in africa andit's a happy event and

they see they see the baby on the screenand they hear the heartbeat am and so having having that experience in the bin acompletely opposite failing was very strange and it was horrible betoo we had a report in left hospital the same day week laterhowever she started to experience painful stomach cramps the pain was so bad that it would wakeme up in the night and i was doubled over like inexcruciating pain no pain killer which would make it better after threeweeks

the pain stopped she experienced theheavy for journal discharge i have no idea what it was but it was something and it was big it was round it was grim it with nasty i went to my gpa straightaway and i'mbasically said that it was remnants i love the stuff that they had failed to suckout of my wing basically when i had the abortion it was horrifying am

what happened to victoria occurs in just1 percent of cases despite the complications she wentthrough she doesn't regret having an %uh in the seven years since herprocedure she traveled widely and has met her partner the couple in upplaying no wedding abortion is absolutely not acontraceptive choice its when is the most important things inthe entire world sweaty have a baby or not and you you have to see if you know not gonna go show that you have tojustify it you have to

i i have tea live a better life iowa's e stern believe i was in blackpool martin has been booed not courage totell his mom his game before the big conversation businessescouncillor steve for some advice to die use from 5 rocket launch time were on thelaunch pad and we're going for me it could be due up for any actiondoesn't do you any good to keep you know to to stop the launch yeah your

i mean why in the hell lock on thisbelief a mom and a because you disapproval some mmm yourmom's prove we don't upset mom used to what moms love wealth the scarything is the reaction what time i go expect a sugar remodeshe'll be fine no why should i be like i don't know and so very very very bigtensions with this coming out process is essential tomartin's developments in human being abc is fundamentally comp move your society were you forced into beingdishonest about the true emotions and feelings

ii would value the fact my son told mebefore i found out throughout the years llama fans toll told cart your the women awful so it's about on mister mmm some pocketdial hijacked much go for it bro i ca so i'll mostly she's like the one person laughs i'm so it intimidates as hell guythat wants to be different with me in any way so that's why this is so bigdeal for me them right now i just feel ready lightjust gay for

well a bit longer i'm just not going tosay anything be its corinne is 18th birthday she's getting ready to meabove callum although their relationship has beenstrained this week in spoken thrilled at cnn not talked about him and texted meeverything come up seven keeps changing corinne is may becky is good friendswith callum to when you upset no the soon be like a it'd bother in green that bother you carrying a anythingthat's really don't know is that is just

how the show me any affection when hedoes i'm going to happen despite their relationship troublestrina has high hopes for her special nights hope that sentiment slick i'm going tothem with my friends for dinner solomon electing down thought i'dbrought the event now the st cheese hey glass make us it's been a bit art should should guide the day i'm good met

with spell doing about supper ii yousomething karen was alright with it but it into agame show us her lol hey okay clean it up working back at austin of the kalama corinne is rocky week isdown to becky to mediate between the two apart in some reassuring words came toyou you make peace with india hamlin you could get it tonight yap

i yeah home football but he didn't knowwhether he should have known the kid has a thing yeah she's on a period so a comment in anything actuallyhappening okay casey the thing is because i'm avirgin i do actually no what goes on did and ishould admit that but that mind bet people have told me not a good youknow it's not nice for the time what coach kid i think youtube again

thing yeah any company i'm you makeevery way a five-year compound no not because it iget home happy making the general my go fell asleep millionaire it would be hair because is a special interest theone in my lifetime i think love by they have the best specimen in thefemale he's boom it's the morning after the night beforein capitals

and the latter off to a water park butsome are struggling with the early start i ok such a i brush as it is in route way to relieve terrible not all the lads feel so jaded bash like all week everything about itwas just tremenda for one in the group in particular

the holiday has exceeded expectations ifound someone the speaker to wanna nicest guys i've met never miss arebeing on a boys all day like this so i do you know to expect but you see fromon television programs films and also a one-night stands and tell us our assigns or expected i didn'texpect hollywood romance but 9 i can only get ashare get with one month left the other two reflecting on their ownperformance is a disappointment to you

even have sex this week yes hacker it is it a spokesman feeling any paincannot family tomorrow night you feel at homeher last night on holiday no sauce somethinga long trip home and take it easy tonight all these beings so many highlights thisweek i that's been hold on cnn pole dance with fire outround it's been claim your free alcohol whichis always a boner my age group should experience here whenthe youngest just out financially

your teenage years old young adult but ithink this is just not my eye so much no i'm i want to experience more crazyradio i'd offer from one room review my babylady a must for a monday movie the baby ladya case this morning martin decided to tell his mom he is gayand he was unsure what her reaction would be hello

did you tell your mom yeah haven't told a she she was outdoing plot for days and i was like way now is like wedgecame back home like a.m. ago so i'm privateer yeah your martin has been building up the courageto come out to his mom for over five years well when he firstcame and i think it was a bit like i need to talk to your mom anything ohmy god what he termed but you know on ticket he's donesomething wrong or even trouble with the police to listen to it so

yes it wasn't as bout a bit not the case%uh how do you know is it just a phase youknow you going straight to the phones rate iwanted sec yet to face but really if you have halted light what you want to then to now getmarried and i'll have grandchildren and and you'll be happy for tribuna youaccept these things to your hottt at it we love it intendeddoes like hot now an hour questions and so on hov so be kissed anyone before love you slutbanging on the phone like the

the that's what mothers do both well i mean we just the same as we werereally outlook me no difference is a year still put up with it and but butbut but but but the plan now is defined a nice bloke good-lookin' and lovely personality say and ola send a small light sold on on how big good relationship that's likethe mission at the moment hate fully like and start the journeyends hope will be good one hopefully

i'm ojo andy a fresh back from honeymoon and adjusting to living together for thefirst time so far so good yeah can get you stuff lopping gala find scoop you goodbye to about $2 a poundfor yeah what support and own books pebbles what are these are mean too many beautyproducts candles but don't miss it and put her indavis really

sleeping sex

of the two and a half years together marriage movin n is not the only one topassage i don't and he had been through

yes we have had sex for the first timelovely yes banding budget remember if they were

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