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why is my progesterone low in early pregnancy? you may not be as far along as you think youare. the sonogram is what gave me the conceptiondate. the progesterone levels may not be risingas fast as you think they should the same way other pregnancy hormones may rise, butnot double every two days.

suppository, so you think it is low because it is not risingas fast as it normally does. that’s one possible reason. another is thatthe corpus luteum is not developing right. i do not know what that is. it is the thing that interfaces between yourbody and the baby’s until the placenta takes

over in week ten. this does not sound good. if the corpus luteum is not developing right,you do not see progesterone levels rise as is necessary to prevent uterine contractionsand the immune system response. if the organ responsible for nourishing thebaby doesn’t generate that hormone, you get contractions and an immune response. in other words, a miscarriage. i do not want to miscarry. if the life support system cannot supportthe baby, that is the end result.

fortunately, i have not been having crampsor bleeding. low progesterone could mean you have toxemia. ok, that’s worse. toxemia is life threatening. i’d put it in context by asking what othersymptoms you’re having. such as? abdominal pain could be a sign of a miscarriage,or it could mean you have bad heart burn and indigestion. or an ectopic pregnancy. vaginal bleeding after low progesterone levelsis a pretty sure sign of a miscarriage. short

of that, i’d say a lot of this is hormonesuntil the doctor says otherwise. can the doctor do much of anything? there are things a doctor can give you toreduce the odds of miscarriage if the problem is your hormones, like a thyroid out of whack.if it is a problem with the fetus, they cannot do anything until it is old enough to go intonicu. i’ve heard that the doctor can do somethingabout low progesterone. sometimes they start oral progesterone. othertimes they give it as a suppository. i usually think of those as something oldpeople use.


a progesterone suppository is something somepregnant women use to keep the levels high

enough to avoid a miscarriage. i’ll get over the yuck factor then, sincethe doctor’s going to be poking around there for a long time, hopefully.

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